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Resolving Complicated Property Division Issues

We at Rojas and Nickelson Family Law, Inc. can help you with complex property division issues.  We work hand-in-hand with the region’s most respected experts (forensic accountants, actuaries, financial advisors, real property appraisers, etc.) to investigate and resolve the following issues:

  • Apportioning the community property interest in otherwise separate property assets (businesses, homes, etc.)
  • Property characterization issues, including confirming a spouse’s separate property
  • Valuation of privately-held business interests
  • Complicated tracing issues
  • Discovering undisclosed assets related to a spouse’s breach of fiduciary duty
  • Working with experts to value and divide defined benefit and/or deferred compensation plans (QDROs)
  • Valuing and dividing the community property interest in intellectual property

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